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About company

The ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence makes us in a constant endeavor to keep pace with the best in the size and quality of our business armed with the permanent development of our performance in line with and meet the needs of our customers and from here comes our choice of the name of keeping up with buildings to register Highest standards of quality and perfection, and diversifying our services in line with the desires of our customers to strengthen our competitive capabilities in all activities. Here is a brief overview of the history of the institution
The Building Keeping Contracting Est. Was established as a sole proprietorship that operates in the field of constructing buildings for individuals and the private sector in Jeddah Governorate in 2008.
The organizational structure of the institution has been developed and the building operation and maintenance department has been created and added to the project management to implement government projects in Jeddah in 2011
The activity of implementing and maintaining air-conditioning and refrigeration projects was added to the project management and the expansion of the organization's activity circle in 2012.
The project management was separated and transferred into two independent departments under my name:
- Project management for the government sector.
- Project management for the private sector.

The organizational structure was developed in 2016 AD and the operational organization of the institution, and 4 departments were created within the general structure of the institution, which are as follows:

  • The Planning and Development Department, whose tasks include preparing the corporation’s annual operational plans and following up on their implementation, contributing to achieving the development of projects of all kinds, evaluation and quality, developing the performance of their employees, improving work methods and procedures, rationalizing costs, increasing and diversifying management resources
  • Project management for the private sector, whose main tasks are construction, rehabilitation, restoration, operation, maintenance, cleaning and all works
  • The Public Relations Department, whose mission is to document the positive links between the institution and its internal and external audiences and to raise the level of services that can be provided to all in order to achieve the goals of the institution and its development plans
  • A special section for finishing works of all kinds was added with a special team of engineers, technicians and workers in 2018

the message

From the large number of institutions in that field, the citizen may take an idea from him that resulted from a bitter experience with him or with someone who knows him. Therefore, the message here may differ from the rest of the workers in that field, which is to choose someone who builds your dream. Finances are important to you, and taking the cheapest may result in an irreparable loss